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These hair jigs come in 3 different sizes 1 oz, 3/4 oz, 5/8 oz and a Wire Stinger size 8


This is for 1 hair jig and a stinger


Color:  John Deer Green with Green Eye and John Deer Hair


The Walleye Killer Hair Jig is one of the deadliest jigs on the market today. The design of this jig is perfect for vertical jigging on the lake or cutting through current on the river. Each jig is hand tied.


Here is some information about hair jigging for walleye...


The windy days I would use heavier jig in order to keep your jig on or near the bottom. 

This technique is only effective during the walleye’s spawning season, which typically runs from late March through early May. During this time Lake Erie walleye spawn in nearby rivers, open water reefs, and in the shallow flats near shore.

During this time the walleye’s spawning grounds are loaded with aggressive males that are patrolling the area protecting their nests where eggs have already been laid and also the future nests. These fish generally are not feeding, but attacking any intruders that may harm their unborn offspring. Because of this, a very aggressive type of ‘horizontal’ jigging is usually the best bet.

Walleye Hair Jig with #8 Wire Stinger - 1 oz, 3/4 oz, 5/8 oz

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